Sin Eaters Character Bios & Images. 

The Cursed... 

The Dark Lady
The Medusa
The Witch (Winter)
The Mad King
Cursed Councilman

The Cursed -

Historically the negative mythos of the bad Nephilims, the cursed creation between humans and fallen dark angels.  The creators of demons, vampires and dark entities.


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The Medusa

Name Unknown- The Dark Lady's Pet Age: 27 Height: 5’8 Species: Dark Nephilim (Stalker/Cursed Gargoyle) Eye Color: Light brown Hair Color: Long braided hair (inlaid with cowrie shells and blades) Complexion: Umber tone Attributes: Fangs. Serrated tongue. Protruding spinal column w/ wings . Wears cut-away barbed black leather leggings. Thigh high venom boots. Wears a black diamond choker collar. Venom Nails & scaled skin. Trained in hand-to-hand martial arts to use her nails. Tracker.