Sin Eaters Character Bios & Images. 

The Cursed... 

The Dark Lady
The Medusa
The Witch (Winter)
The Mad King
Cursed Councilman

The Cursed -

Historically the negative mythos of the bad Nephilims, the cursed creation between humans and fallen dark angels.  The creators of demons, vampires and dark entities.


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The Witch (Winter)

The Dark Lady's Healer. Age: 31 Height: 5’8 Species: Dark Nephilm (Witch/Hunter) Eye Color: Sapphire eyes Hair Color: long wavy pitch black hair (which she dyes bright red sometimes). Complexion: Pale Tawny Tone (bi-racial) Attributes: Good with kick boxing and martial arts. Wears sapphire blue & can heal. Uses spells and dark magic as her weapons primarily but enjoys guns and blade.