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From Iowa, but later relocating to Alton, IL and St. Louis, MO, Author Kai Leakes was an imaginative child, who gained an addiction to books at an early age. Sharing stories with her cousins as a teen, writing books didn't seem like something she would pursue but storytelling became a major part of her DNA, with the goal of sharing tales that entertain and add color to a gray literary world. 

Having gained her MA and a Doctorate candidacy in Counseling, Kai Leakes currently resides in her hometown of St. Louis, MO. As a creative, she likes to cook and dabble in photoshop. Her love of romance, fantasy, and all things vampires has reinforced her world-building gifts and led her to craft her popular ‘Sin Eaters' Devotion series & companion novella, ‘Rebel Guardians’, as well as the steamfunk horror adventure 'Oni's Tears.' While being a hopeless romantic she is releasing the upcoming contemporary and passionate series, "Love, Trust & Pleasure: A Brothers of Kemet Series.

Kai's unique passion for romance with a touch of darkness has allowed her to be featured in the HWA award-nominated horror anthology 'Sycorax's Daughters", and sci-fi anthology 'The City'. So, with fantasy and romance always on her mind, watch out for the darkness and magic that always follows.


Kai Leakes ~The Light Will Always Prevail~

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