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"Gotta support characters of color" -Tony Todd ('Night of The Living Dead', 'Candyman', 'The Crow').
Submitted by Kenneth Alexander Wright Vazquez

An awesome moment for #Teamsineaters — at Niagara Falls Comic Con (6/8/14). - K.L.





Welcome to the Literary World of Kai Leakes!

As you see, it's a little dark here because you have also stepped into the underworld of 'The Sin Eaters' and my other paranormal adventures!

Sin Eaters Book One started out as a dream literally, which later turned into a full-fledged book.  I never imagined that I would be in this place to share my story with you all.  This is an exciting moment and a nerving one, but alas it is an experience I am happy to take.

My site is an interactive one, so please take the time to look around my site.  It is still very much in construction mode but I hope to get it to a level where you all can get a taste of what this world of 'The Light' and their foe 'The Cursed' is like.  This includes a section for each side character's bios and images of commissioned pictures. I've also searched around for images to give a slight representation of how the characters appear to our human eyes.

Take a view of the continuing stories BEHIND THE BOOKS with Sin Eaters and also view fans with copies of SE in the SIGHTINGS area.

Visit my Bio area or send me a Message to ask me questions pertaining to my world and check out the news and event area where I'll give you information on where I am, future works that I'm creating, and other authors I am supporting.


While you look around, you will stumble across a newly added area, my all things Romance Section, where you can find my newest works.


Thank you for visiting my domain, it's sure to entertain.

- Looking to learn more about me?  Visit my Bio and News Events.





The Reviews:

Sin Eaters: Devotion Book One

A little bit of good. A mess of evil. A tinge of Biblical essence with a smidgen of 'WTF did he just do?' Add in a sprinkle of romance and a whole lot of action and you have a new action paranormal romantic fantasy thriller for your eyes to read. This is a great book. I tell you no lies!​


- Nikki-Michelle, Author of Tell Me No Secrets

Warning: you might want to be sure you've got some support when you can't get to sleep after reading the descriptions of these demons. The sin eaters concept is intriguing, demon hunters who feed on the evil and neutralize it. Now that's what I call eating your enemies lunch! LOL Kudos.





- Lynn Emery, Author of A Darker Shade of Midnight

Action and Passion:  Another amazing story (SE 2) by Kai Leakes. Sin Eaters is definitely a book I would love to see on the "big screen!" Full of action and passion, the author pulls you in with each scene. The characters keep getting more interesting. I know there will be another book, so I'm anxious and excited! Job well done to the author.





- Keke Chanel, Author of Sugar and Spice

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